Lesson Plan for Life


     Joyce Blanton went home on a Friday as all teachers do.  Even though she didn't know that she never would return to her old classroom at Robert E. Lee School, she had prepared lessons for those who would come after her to take up her task.

     She left behind a straightened desk, a spotless room with students' tables organized and clean.

     Her lesson plans were written in the neat penmanship of an elementary teacher.  Looking through them, I discovered her utmost goal in the classroom of life and this is what I read.

     Live a life reflecting Christ's presence as wife, mother, friend, church member, sister and teacher.

     Objectives were listed for each area also.

     Math:  Count all people as important, Add a peaceful spirit to this world, Multiply His love.

     Language Arts:  Use words carefully.  Speak softly with a smile and never criticize.

     Science:  Mix together two parts of laughter, three parts of kindness, five parts steady diligence to duty and you will cause a chemical reaction that can change the world.

     Geography:  Wherever you go, whether on a mission trip, at a SACS committee meeting, watching your daughter's class play, or lying in a hospital room, take courage, contentment and acceptance with you.

     Art:  Make the world a more beautiful place for others by the brush strokes of your life.  Add color, grace and love to the days you are given.  Then you will fulfill your goal making the difference only a Christian teacher can make; a softer touch, a kinder word, a life of integrity, and perseverance to pass other generations.


     I think I speak for all of us when I say that I saw her live these lesson plans for life and I  

am grateful that my days were brightened by her example and her friendship.  

(This was written by Carol Lynch, a fellow teacher and friend.  It was presented at a Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority meeting and  has been used with Carol's permission.) 

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